Bradshaw February Band Schedule

Make Sure You Come Out Every
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
to Hear Amazing Music!

Week 1

February 1st -Taylor Dean and Deans list
February 2nd- Villanova
February 3rd- Superbowl party w/ Cole and the Medinas (3-6pm)

Week 2

February 5th- Bald Asshats
February 8th- Falconheart
February 9th-Brent Cates Band

Week 3

February 13th- Ryan and Woody
February 15th- Uphonik
February 16th- Early Ray

Week 4

February 20th- Thirsty Horses
February 22nd- Pluto for Planet
February 23rd- Below the Belt

Week 5 and 6

February 27th- Brent Cates Duo